Which Bike?

A strong and reliable touring bike set up (road, hybrid or MTB) is going to be the best choice in most cases. A laden road touring bike with thicker tyres (probably not less than 28mm) should cope well enough with most of the off-road sections, although some of the rough moorland track between the Tan Hill road and Sleightholme Farm near Bowes (about 2.4 miles overall) might prompt some to get off and push for a bit, while those on mountain bikes will come into their own.

Reading the user reports and looking at the images on the Photo Gallery page will help you decide. If you want to change anything on your bike or need a repair once you’ve set off, the Cycling Shops along the route are listed on this website on and are included in the Walney to Wear Cycle Route map.

Good Cycling Code 

Please be courteous! Always cycle with respect for others, whether other cyclists, pedestrians, wheelchair users, horse riders or drivers, and acknowledge those who give way to you. Be sure to let walkers and horse riders know you’re approaching by using a bell or calling out.

Read Sustrans Good Cycling Code for more information.  Keep safe, be courteous and enjoy your cycling on the National Cycle Network